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The Aurora Skating Club has been teaching skating in Aurora for 65 years!

As you may be aware, there are reports regarding the corona virus in Ontario. We are following closely information relayed by regional and provincial public health authorities, as well as the York Region school boards for any precautionary  measures.The health and safety of everyone is a priority to the Aurora Skating Club. If your child has any symptoms of cough, cold, fever or flu, please STAY HOME until your doctor says your child is well enough to resume his/her schedule as normal.  If you have recently returned from an affected area or been in contact with any friends or relatives visiting from affected areas, please STAY HOME and contact your family doctor or the York Region Public health department. 

For more information about precautions to  take to protect yourself and frequently asked questions, please click on the following link to York Region Public Health

CanSkate - Program Assistant


Who are they?

Program assistants (PAs) are individuals who have been trained by a CanSkate coach to assist in the delivery of the CanSkate program. Program assistants may be drawn from several different groups of people including: Current skaters from the Aurora Skating Club, former ASC skaters, skaters from other sports (hockey, ringette, speed skating).


What skill-set is needed to PA?

Program assistants should be:

  • Good communicators and demonstrators
  • Enthusiastic
  • Team players and good role models
  • Responsible
  • Punctual
  • Patient
  • Prepared and organized
  • Able to lead groups, encourage skaters and offer praise
  • Able to keep skaters moving while having fun

Must be currently registered Skate Canada members. Ability to demonstrate basic skating skills (e.g. STAR 3 assessment level). Suggested minimum age of 11 years old.

*The club has the option to accept younger PA’s with the understanding that duties assigned should match their abilities and skill levels. The specific duties assigned to all PA’s must be appropriate for their ages and abilities.


What is the role of a PA?

A PA’s role may include:

  • Assisting or leading warm-ups, group activities or cool-downs
  • Assisting with the set-up of circuits and stations
  • Leading circuits and rotations
  • Demonstrating proper execution of skating skills
  • Aiding skaters who may have additional needs
  • Taking attendance
  • Timing speed skills
  • Providing general assistance to the coaches on the session
  • Providing encouragement and general feedback to skaters
  • Assisting with tracking of skill acquisition


Note: A PA’s role does not include delivering lessons at a designated teaching station, instruction skills, or assessing skaters. *PAs are demonstrators and helpers and should not be coaching or instructing on a CanSkate session.