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Teaching Skating in Aurora since 1953! A Community Club with a Trusted Reputation for Teaching Excellence!

What is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized skating is a specialized discipline within the sport of figure skating. Competitive teams range from 8-16 skaters at the youth levels. Together, these skaters learn a variety of skating elements to perform to a piece of music such as pinwheels, intersections, and circles. No experience is required! 

For those who are new to the sport, it may look very similar to a skating carnival/ice show routine, however, synchro is more precise, and there are more details to focus on. Skaters will continue to build their individual skating skills, as well as their timing, rhythm, and musicality in a team environment.

A synchro season usually starts with try-outs in March/April, with on ice training beginning in September. The season generally runs September-March with weekly practices. In a competitive year, we aim to do an exhibition prior to competing. This may be showcasing at a hockey game or at a family skate for a local club.  Our team normally participates in two competitions each season, depending on the location of the competitions, as it varies each year. We aim to do one local/community-based competition, and one further away that requires a hotel stay. Throughout the season, we also have team building activities to foster a team atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need previous synchro experience before trying out for the Synchro Team?

No synchro experience is required!

Will Synchro distract from singles skating?
Not at all. The synchro program is an add on, meaning you are still required to continue with your single skating at your home club. Synchro skating focuses on developing edges, power, flow and teamwork which will enhance your skating skills.

How much singles skating am I required to do, aside from Synchro?

It is recommended that skaters skate 1-2 times/week at their home club, in addition to Synchro each week.

Do I have to try-out for the Synchro team?
Yes, everyone must attend try-outs each year to be on our synchro team. Try-outs are in the early spring (usually April/May). Times and locations will be posted in March. If you have missed the try-outs for the upcoming season and wish to inquire about any available spots, please contact the ASC office.

What are the Synchro fees and what do they include? 

Fees include: ice time, coaching, monitoring sessions, simulations, competition entries, wardrobe (dress/pants and tights), hair accessories, team uniform, music fees, and team building activities. Any additional fees such as travel will be the responsibility of the skater. Deposit is due upon acceptance onto the team in May of each year. Annual fees are approximately $1700 (final costs to be determined before September) . Monthly payment plan is available and team fundraising is an option to assist with costs (tbd).

What is NOT included in the fees?
Not included are: travel fees and hotel fees for away-from-home competitions. Skaters are also required to have hard guards, plain black leggings, white figure skates / black figure skates for males, and running shoes.

Is there a team uniform?

The Borealis Team uniform includes a team jacket, sweater/sweatshirt, and t-shirt (included in annual fees).  At competitions, skaters are required to wear their uniform, as well as plain, black leggings and running shoes (not included in annual fees). Hair is to be worn in a pony-tail for all practices.

Are the fees and deposit refundable?
The deposit and all fees are non-refundable. For example, we require 8 skaters in order to compete, and competition fees are non-refundable, therefore we require all 8 skaters for the duration of the skating year (September-March).

When does the Synchro team practice?
Borealis Synchro currently practices weekly on Wednesdays from 7:45pm-8:45pm, from September to March at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex.  (Ice days/times are subject to change due to availability of ice for the year).

What if I have to miss a practice?
You must please inform Coach Doreen if you will be missing a practice. Due to limited practice time, it is highly recommended that all skaters strive for 100% attendance.

How do I pay after I register?

Registration and payment can be made through the Aurora Skating Club website at:  

If you do not already have an Aurora Skating Club account, you will be required to create one in order to register.